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Ocean State SurfCasters Join forces with the RISC and RIBAA
The Rhode Island Striper Club and Rhode Island Bass Anglers Association submitted affiliation requests to the OSSCA board members in early may and were approved unanimously.Welcome to all the members of both these fine clubs.

                 Welcome The

Ocean State Surfcasters

Becomes the 29th group to affiliate with RISAA

Every year,more public access is lost,pollutants continue to harm marine waters,and important fish stocks continue to be overfished - all of which threatens the future of sport fishing.
The tradition of localized fishing clubs is important and must continue.Such clubs serve a need for groups of individuals,supplying a comraderie and focus designed for their stated purpose.
But over the past ten years,recreational fishing clubs have learned that much more can be accomplished when they band together on important issues.Each spoke on a wheel is important,but the entire wheel carries the load.In Southern New England, this "wheel" was formed through the efforts of the
Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association(RISAA)
In December,the Ocean State Surfcasters applied for affiliation with RISAA,and the RISAA board of directors unanimously voted to accept this fine organization.
Although "new" by some standards,this four year old club already boasts over 200 members.
RISAA welcomes the Ocean State Surfcasters as the 29th group in the RISAA family.

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